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Gomarco Descanso S.L.
Highway Villena Km 3,5
P.O. Box 403
Yecla – Murcia – Spain
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(+34) 968 79 00 90

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Good communication is synonymous of tranquility, and if we can make your life more peaceful, count on it. That’s why in Gomarco we have a customer service department ready to solve any doubts you can have. You can contact us with the information provided here:

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Gomarco Descanso S.L.
Ctra. Villena KM 3.5
P.O. Box 403
Yecla – Murcia – España
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(+34) 968 79 00 90

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Monday – Friday / 9:30h – 14:00h & 15:00h – 18:30h.

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Meet us where the rest is born.

The fact of our facilities are in Yecla, a city with a long and proven tradition in the quality rest sector, is no coincidence. From here, our products leave for the whole world, and it is also here where this dream came true more than 40 years ago. From here our ideas sprout and we give shape with the latest technology to the materials and products that will make your life better and your rest more healthy and pleasant.