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Hybrid Series
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Hybrid Series

Hybrid series has been designed by combining hight quality materials to create a mattress that will significantly improve your rest and most important, your health.

The articulated mattress offers a rest in different positions, not only for sleep, but also for rest comfortably while we read, listen to music, watch TV…

Beyond that, it provides many health benefits, such as a proper alignment of the spine, that is another key factor to sleep peacefully. Besides, articulated mattress improves blood circulation, eliminates built-up tension at the neck or shoulders or even helps people with breathing problems.

DUO SYSTEM: Choose your side and join me

Buying a mattress has never been more complex, in Gomarco we are aware that the wellbeing of your couple can make this decision even more difficult because your preferences are not the same.

For that reason, we are designed the Duo System to join two mattresses of Hybrid Series even if they are of a different comfort*. The variety of sizes in Hybrid series offers the possibility of having two articulated mattresses in different comfort that can be joined easily by a zipper system, thereby creating a double mattress.

* Hybrid latex could only join another Hybrid latex due to its thickness and its cover

The mattress you dream of.

The mattress you dream of.

The election of a mattress and all its elements for a good rest, is an investment in health and well-being. That's why if you have any question, you can ask our experts team, who will help you to choose the mattress you dream of.

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